Cashless, staffless, wireless, and queueless events with smart lockers

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Ontdek de nieuwe smart lockers van elockers.

Lockers inzetten die spullen opbergen naar een compleet nieuw niveau brengen. 

Nobody likes being stuck in a big crowd waiting in a line with people pushing you out the way trying to claim their spot or product they want to buy. Almost as if you are a heard of sheep being directed into one direction. The crowd takes up space, it can get chaotic if not controlled properly and can be frustrating for everyone… the ticket and cashier workers, the event holders, the people waiting for their lockers. 

Smart lockers will literally eliminate all lines and queues at your event. Providing QR codes and an online platform allows for your customers to simply scan ang go. They get their code and pay digitally and then receive their locker number and can proceed to storing their personal belongings. Matter of fact they don’t have to queue once they enter the even worrying that they won’t get a locker or that the line will be too big. They can buy a locker at any time they want. Once a locker is used it takes a few minutes to reset and it is ready to be used again by the next person.

What about your staff?

Well, that’s the point… what staff? You practically don’t need any employees or workforce to man the lockers, it’s all organised through our platform. The smart lockers can be monitored and purchases can be tracked through our digital platform which you can have a clear overview on your mobile device or laptop anywhere anytime. 

When you install the smart lockers, it means everything at your festival becomes digital. It is trendy and the new generations, or in other words, your future customers will only want things to be digital. Keeping up with the trends means you as a company are being innovative. Your customers will notice pretty clearly whether or not you are doing your best to meet their needs and keep them happy, so it’s important you show you are staying innovative. 

By using smart lockers, it is going to help reduces costs drastically and helps with the organisation of your event and means that people don’t have to carry around unwanted cash with them. Having everything digital means no cash deposits, no staff to man the locker key desks all night long and best of all no keys! Having no keys means there is a far less chance of theft, lost property and complaints. Nobody likes complaints…

And get this. The smart lockers that we have been hyping up so much, they don’t even need a power source. As an event organiser having lockers that will power themselves means you can quiet literally place them anywhere you want and they will work. If you need to move the lockers to another location that’s fine, it won’t change the features of the power output. 

Overall, the new smart lockers are the future of the event locker industry. It will cut costs, save time and boost both customer satisfaction and experience, leaving out the complaints, hassles and problems that come with organising cash, wired, key and staff manned lockers.

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