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Ontdek de nieuwe smart lockers van elockers.

Lockers inzetten die spullen opbergen naar een compleet nieuw niveau brengen. 

Competition within the locker industry is relatively high. Especially when you zone in on the Netherlands, and what makes it even higher is if you zero in on Amsterdam… packed with a business district, events, small to large venues, tourists and a lot of individuals in need of somewhere to store their belongings.

Here at elockers we began our journey to create a keyless electronic lock roughly 6 years ago. We aimed to boost customer satisfaction and bring customer experience to an all-time high. Yes, we mean both our clients and the event goers themselves, saving everyone both time and money. Clients can have lockers without staff, keys, wires, or queues and event goers are now able to not wait in line for a locker, they can do everything online through our platform.

We stand strong by providing a staff-less, keyless, wireless, and queue-less experience to our customers and that’s why elockers has produced the NEW smart lock V5 PRO. Never need to worry about managing the keys for your locker, or hiring staff to take deposits and work with physical cash. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about where to place the lockers as they are wireless and require no power source.

The V5 PRO is the foundation of our smart lockers, consisting of 5 features depending on your need of a locker. The features consist of:

  1. Safe mode – Public / Private (Free. Use of a PIN code of your own)
  1. Digital coin lock mode (cashless version of a coin lock)
  1. Festival/Event mode (24 hours during which a code is valid)
  1. Pay Per Use mode (payment before use, think of parking spaces) (same qr code as Digital Coinlock)
  • Time Slots

To find out more about how each individual feature works and who they are ideal for visit our website.

The lock was created for elockers to stay innovative and dominate in the locker industry. Staying on top of our game is something we strive towards and ensuring we can boost the overall customer experience is what is most important to us. We can now provide all 5 features our past clients have requested all in one lock. When you place these locks into the locker cabinet you then have a smart locker, providing you with a storage system for all scenarios and necessities. The smart locker will benefit all venues and locations whether you are an event holder or simply need some lockers within your office building, it will save time for everyone and make things far more convenient.

The smart lockers have secured and safe anti-theft systems in place, which make it difficult for any personal belongings to be stolen. Boosting customer satisfaction and the feeling of security. Elockers aims to prioritise the customer first…making sure the no matter who they or what their needs are they get the most out of our new smart lock and that they can create the best customer experience by eliminating troubles and obtaining full satisfaction and convenience.

Are you interested? Or have any questions?

Get in contact with us and we would be happy to help you out! We can help explain how all the features work, what the point of sales are and any other information or questions you may have, we are here to help.

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