Locker solution for every environment

Avoid crowds
at fixed terminals
Integrate with
existing systems
Determine the
storage method yourself
Easy and safe
use of lockers

Being able to safely store things should be a given. Now you can use the lockers the way you want at any time with our unique system. One locker solution that can be used in any environment.

Smart API lockers

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Our leading customers, from small to large

Discover the most unique user experience

The smart lockers are multi-usable, both free and paid and for permanent or changing users. You decide, we deliver.

Determine the storage method yourself

Decide for yourself how you want to use lockers. From now on you are never stuck to one way of working. Switch easily between free and paid use, with or without a kiosk or make codes available via our API.

Integrate with existing systems

The intelligent locks can be integrated with your existing systems. For example, students and employees can use their current passes to open a locker.

From customization to stock lockers

Let the lockers connect seamlessly at your location. Our lock fits into any type of locker cabinet and can be supplied in any shape and colour. Completely wireless and, if desired, waterproof.

Lockersysteem event

Avoid crowds around one central place

With our system you can offer lockers in various ways without a central terminal. Give users their own PIN code or offer them via a QR code, via the web, with RFID or at an unmanned kiosk.

Full control with your dashboard

Direct insight into the results and the use of the lockers with your personal dashboard. Real-time registrations, view histories and easily set up all processes the way you want.

Free or paid. Fixed or variable.

The lockers can be offered for free or paid with a pin code and can be used flexibly. Do you prefer regular users, such as for schools? That too is possible.

1 lock with 6 functionalities

A multi-purpose lock for every type of occasion. A small selection of all solutions.

Time slots

Avoid having to open lockers manually. Lockers are released automatically when time locks are set.

Digital Coin Lock

Revolutionary! A PIN code that is valid twice, just like the old trusted coin-operated lockers with a key, but better.

Authentication Links

You can link the smart lockers to any form of authentication. From RFID, badges and tags to staff and school passes.

Wired lockers

No more worries about power supplies, the lockers are completely unwired.

LED indication

The smart lockers indicate with LED lighting when the battery needs to be replaced.

Custom look-and-feel

Create a unique look with various materials and colours. Let the locker cabinets fit seamlessly into the environment.

Who are these lockers suitable for


Changing rooms

Public places


And more...

Rental with cashless lockers

Storing things safely and quickly has never been easier with our cashless solution.

Sell ​​lockers via your own ticket shop with the API of ELOCKERS®. Lockers can easily be rented out through your website up to 48 hours before the start of your event.

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Fayin Lin

Producer – Awakenings

After working with elockers for several years, we can now work with a system that improves the experience of our visitors even further! Easy to use and always insight into the progress. In short: a high-quality product that takes away a lot of worries. Top!

amsterdam open air 2019 e1625831762721
Fayin Lin

Producer – Awakenings

elockers helped us with a very fast turnaround at the lockers. The customers were very pleased with the lockers and thanks to the use of they moved more quickly to the bar and the event. The features that you can share the code via WhatsApp and the amount via Tikkie were well taken up.

Logo club poema
Fayin Lin

Producer – Awakenings

An innovative product that has improved the customer experience: No long lines and lost keys. The ticket box saves us time and maintenance. In addition, we have insight into all turnover and sales with the dashboard!

3 reasons to start

You can obtain lockers at elockers via various routes. From long-term rental, leasing to exploitation. Contact us to discuss all options.

Fast delivery or customization

Our stock lockers can be delivered within three days. Prefer customization? Then we get to work right away.

Secure locker system

We provide both vandal-proof and robust materials as well as a safe and AVG-proof locker system.

Delivered installed

The locker cabinets are delivered fully installed on location. Very handy!

View our projects

More than 1,500 companies already use elockers to improve visitor flow and increase customer satisfaction.

Amsterdam Open Air

50% more lockers sold prior to the event.

amsterdam open air line up

Club Poema

A solution that makes lost keys a thing of the past.

amsterdam open air line up

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Get in touch with our sales team to find the best solution for your occasion. You will receive a proposal based entirely on your wishes. You will receive a proposal based entirely on your wishes.

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