Locker solution for any environment

Avoid crowding
at fixed payment terminals
Integrate with
existing systems
Determine the method
of storageyourself
Easy and safe
use of lockers

Being able to safely store belongings should be a regular feature. Now, with our unique system, you can deploy lockers the way you want, at any time. One locker solution that can be used in any environment.

Our leading clients, from small to large.

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Discover the most unique user experience

The smart lockers are multi-purpose, both free and paid and for permanent or changing users. You decide, we deliver.


Determine the method of storage yourself

Decide how you want to use lockers. From now on, you will never be stuck with one way of working. Switch easily between free and paid use, with or without a kiosk or make codes available via our API.

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Integrate with existing systems

The intelligent locks can be integrated with your existing systems. This allows students and employees, among others, to use their current passes to open a locker.


From customization to stock lockers

Have the lockers seamlessly fit your location. Our lock fits any type of locker cabinet, which can be supplied in any shape and color. Fully wireless and waterproof if desired.


Avoid crowding around one central location

Our system allows you to offer lockers through a variety of ways without a central terminal. Give users their own PIN code or offer through a QR code, via the web, with RFID or at an unmanned kiosk.


Complete control with your dashboard

Instant insight into results and locker usage with your personal dashboard. Real-time registrations, view histories and easily set up all processes the way you want.

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Free or paid. Fixed or variable.

The lockers can be offered free or paid with a PIN code and can be used flexibly. Would you prefer fixed users, such as for schools? That too is possible.

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1 lock with as many as 6 functionalities

A multi-purpose lock for any type of occasion. Discover the 6 functions below.


Time locks

Eliminate having to manually open lockers. With setting time locks, lockers are automatically released.

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Digital coin slot

Revolutionary! A PIN code that is valid twice just like the old familiar coin-lock lockers with key but better.


Authentication links

The smart lockers link to any form of authentication. From RFID, badges and tags to staff and school passes.


Unwired lockers

No more worries about power supplies, the lockers are completely unwired.


LED indication

The smart lockers indicate with LED lights when the battery is due for replacement.


Custom look-and-feel

Create a unique look with a variety of materials and colors. Let the locker cabinets blend seamlessly with the environment.

Who are these lockers suitable for

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Offices Clothing rooms

Public spaces

Public spaces

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And more...

Rental with cashless lockers

Safely and quickly storing belongings has never been easier with smart lockers.



Order pedestal


Sell lockers through your own ticket shop with ELOCKERS® API. Lockers can easily be rented through your website up to 48 hours before your event.

SMS pre sale

Sell lockers continuously with your domain. Now you can provide visitors with lockers even after the pre-sale. The visitor rents a locker before and during an event via their smartphone.

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Visitors who do not rent a locker online can purchase a voucher by pin or cash at a staffed counter. Sales are recorded and visible in real-time in the dashboard. A sustainable solution with less printing and fraud-proof!

ticketbox elockers

Only at ELOCKERS® is it possible to deploy unmanned sales on location. With our order kiosk, lockers can be rented out without the need for staff. These order kiosks can be seamlessly integrated with both the POS system and

Kiosk elockers

See all results in your personal dashboard where sales are recorded in real time. You have instant insight into the results everywhere and you always have the possibility to adjust elements.

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Start deploying lockers

Contact us without obligation and take the first step toward a unique locker solution.

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3 reasons to get started

You can obtain lockers from ELOCKERS® through a variety of avenues. From long-term rental, leasing to operating. Contact us to spar about all options.


Fast delivery or customization

Lockers that are in stock can be delivered within as little as three days. Prefer customization? Then we'll get right to work.


Secure locker system

We provide both hufterproof and robust materials and a secure and AVG-proof locker system.


Installed delivered

Locker cabinets are delivered to site fully installed.

Start using lockers today

Get in touch with our sales team to find the best solution for your occasion. You will receive a proposal based entirely on your needs.

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