Traditional offline locker systems meet the elockers world of online transformation.

Since 2016, elockers has strived to replace traditional locker solutions for an e-commerce way of working! This is how we did it

We knew that if we did this...

The electronic locker platform that takes the visitor experience to a whole new level.

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Our story

With a progressive and enthusiastic team, elockers develops and implements wardrobe solutions for the most diverse clients in the Netherlands. It is important to us that we guarantee a tailor-made solution for all clients, from small to large and permanent locations to festivals.


From entropt to elockers

On June 1, 2015, elockers was introduced as a new brand within the event industry. Previously, under the name entropt, we provided access controls at more than 400 events per year. Here we saw that the need of users and organizations for more transparent and easier processing of lockers was increasing.

This is how the idea arose to develop our own lock and platform especially for events and permanent locations in the Netherlands. A lock with which visitors can rent a locker faster and easier and clients could gain more transparent insight into the rental flows. We developed this lock in collaboration with Splendid Group Asia in Hong Kong and are This makes it the only supplier of wardrobe solutions that has its own lock in production with its own cabinets.

The locker solution of the future!

Since 2017, many events and fixed locations have run on our own produced lock. In order to improve the visitor experience, we launched our new electronic locker platform in 2019. With this we are the only company in the world to make cashless, staffless, wireless and keyless lockers available.

At elockers, we believe it is important that our customers, employees and services continue to innovate. Our platform makes it possible to provide more than just lockers and we introduce new e-commerce possibilities that were not possible before.

That is why we also started in 2019, where we (many of our customers) can offer a new way of paying at events and locations.

With elockers, we aspire to further roll out our philosophy in the Netherlands and abroad in the coming years.

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We do what we say.


We never say no and always think of solutions, saying yes opens up the mind to thinking of solutions.


We focus on growth for the customer. With our elockers, customers generate three times more turnover than traditional lockers.


There is a solution to everything, nothing is a problem, just a challenge and a springboard for improvement.

Winners mentality

We go through fire for our colleagues and customers;


We know our customers and colleagues personally and are always there for them.

Meet our team




Head of Design


Head of Sales




Head of Design


Head of Sales

How we realize this

Lockers no longer have to be the bottleneck… More than 450 companies are already using elockers to improve visitor flow and increase customer satisfaction.

Amsterdam Open Air

50% more lockers sold prior to the event.


Club Poema

A solution that makes lost keys a thing of the past.


Start with lockers today‚Äč

Get in touch with our sales team to find the best solution for your occasion. You will receive a proposal based entirely on your wishes. You will receive a proposal based entirely on your wishes.

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