Opting for electronic lockers

From small to large and permanent locations to festivals, a tailor-made solution is guaranteed.
  • Delivered to your location within 3 days
  • Scratch-resistant and all-steel lockers with reinforced doors
  • In stock in various colors or choose your own corporate identity


Model Electronic lockers
Delivery Available within 3 days
Overall Height 195 cm (45 cm deep)
Overall width 60 cm
Total Depth 50 cm (195 cm high)
Locker Dimensions 10-door, 14-door, 16-door
10-door36.0 x 25.0 x 50.0 cm
14-door24.0 x 25.0 x 50.0 cm & 33.0 x 25.0 x 50 cm
16-door22.0 x 25.0 x 50.0 cm
Material All-steel lockers with reinforced doors and electronic locks
Pantry Cabinets All electronic lockers are available in stock with many different color combinations
Locks Festival mode, digital coin lock, free offer, pay per use, time slots and authentication link
Options Other colours, sizes and doors possible
Master key system