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Visitors no longer have to
pass a counter
Sell all your
lockers online
Choose the
method of storageyourself
Easily merchandise
or upsell drinks

A fast, flexible and secure storage option, without high staff costs. With our unique smart lockers, you can now rent out lockers completely without a counter for the first time. It is even possible to upsell merchandise or drinks!

Our leading clients, from small to large.

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Festival & events locker deployment

You as an event owner know better than anyone else that crowding around lockers has always been unavoidable. Especially during the entrance and exit of an event, this is often perceived as the most annoying by visitors.

Our Smart lockers

The most advanced electronic lock for festivals and events.

At ELOCKERS® we strive to not keep visitors waiting long and to speed up the flow of visitors. Research shows that as many as 80% of festival visitors prefer to rent their locker in advance and online.

Smart lockers allow you to easily and quickly let your visitors store their belongings. This can be done entirely online or possibly with a manned cash register or self-service point. Our years of experience within the industry have allowed us to work on the ultimate locker solution for any type of festival, event or occasion. The result is a unique locker that gives you the flexibility to offer lockers in any checkout format.

Besides having 10,000 key lockers and 5,000 coin lockers in the Benelux, with us you can even turn the safe storage of belongings into something magical with our large stock of 30,000 smart lockers. Introduce yourself and find out what we can do for you.

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Renting lockers for event

#1 in innovative locker solutions

  • The largest stock of lockers in the Benelux
  • Most innovative and progressive products
  • A personal point of contact before, during and after completion
  • From supply and installation to deployment of locker managers and personnel

Our locker cabinets

Rent quality lockers easily and quickly from our inventory of more than 20,000 lockers!

Improve visitor experience with cashless payments

Give your visitors the ultimate experience from the very first moment.


The ultimate visitor experience

With contactless provision of lockers before and during the event, you avoid queues and crowds at the entrance.


Multiple sales channels

Rent lockers in a pre-sale, through a ticket provider or personalized locker shop and on location through or a staffed ticket box and kiosk.


Faster throughput

Happy customers spend more. Allow them more time to enjoy what really matters. Ensure a quick turnaround with smart lockers and get visitors to the bar faster.

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Flexible & scalable

Deploy smart lockers the way you want. With 6 different options for offering lockers, you have complete freedom.


No high personnel costs

For events and clubs, personnel costs quickly add up. Let your visitors buy their locker quickly and easily in advance using ELOCKERS®'s modern QR technology.


Instant insight into your sales and transactions

Instant insight into results with your personal dashboard. Revenue generated, average spend and number of lockers sold are recorded in real time.

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1 lock with as many as 6 functionalities

A multi-purpose lock for any type of occasion. Discover the 6 functions below.


Festival mode

With this feature, the PIN is valid for 24 hours for a visitor. Locks do not need to be reprogrammed after a show.

Chinese coin

Digital coin slot

Revolutionary! A PIN code that is valid twice just like the old familiar coin-lock lockers with key but better.

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Offer for free

A pin code for longer use or your own pin code choice that automatically expires after use. Both are possible!

credit card

Pay per Use

With the Pay per Use feature, you let the visitor pay for the time they use it for.


Time locks

Multiple shows on 1 day? With setting time locks, lockers are automatically released.


Authentication link

You link the Smart lock V5 PRO to any form of authentication. From RFID, badges and tags to backstage passes.

Rent a locker within 22 seconds

Storing belongings safely and quickly has never been easier with smart lockers.



Order pedestal


Sell lockers through your own ticket shop with ELOCKERS® API. Lockers can easily be rented through your website up to 48 hours before your event.

SMS pre sale

Sell lockers continuously with your domain. Now you can provide visitors with lockers even after the pre-sale. The visitor rents a locker before and during an event via their smartphone.

elockers online thank you

Visitors who do not rent a locker online can purchase a voucher by pin or cash at a staffed counter. Sales are recorded and visible in real-time in the dashboard. A sustainable solution with less printing and fraud-proof!

ticketbox elockers

Only at ELOCKERS® is it possible to deploy unmanned sales on location. With our order kiosk, lockers can be rented out without the need for staff. These order kiosks can be seamlessly integrated with both the POS system and

Kiosk elockers

See all results in your personal dashboard where sales are recorded in real time. You have instant insight into the results everywhere and you always have the possibility to adjust elements.

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Start offering
of festival lockers

Contact us without obligation and take the first step toward a unique locker solution.

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3 reasons to get started

You can obtain lockers from ELOCKERS® in a variety of ways. From long-term rental, leasing to operating. Contact us to spar about all options.



Work without staff by deploying a pre-sale, a Self Service Points and Put only 1 host at the lockers and visitors find their own way.

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No plug? No worries! Our Elock can be deployed without an expensive ICT infrastructure. No downtime due to power or wiring problems.



No plug? No worries! Our Elock can be deployed without an expensive ICT infrastructure. No downtime due to power or wiring problems.

The first step toward locker rentals

Get in touch with our sales team to find the best solution for your occasion. You will receive a proposal based entirely on your needs.

  • The largest stock of lockers
  • A personal point of contact
  • Support from start to finish